Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What It Says On The Tin

It might be a little dispiriting to churn this stuff out and never get a comment if it wasn't for the happily accelerating number of page views which affirms that people are, in fact, reading it.

So I've dismantled some of the privacy settings which I suspect are discouraging people from sharing their views.  You can now comment anonymously, but I get to moderate your comment before it's published, to keep things reasonably civilised.

Having said that, you are very welcome to disagree with my views, and I won't censor merely for that.  I am, as it says on the label, a dilettante. 

I know a fair bit about theatre, but not as much as others - I'm not an actor and I don't work backstage (though I'm a very experienced audience, and it doesn't hurt to know what your consumers think).  I just, as they say in the classics, like to watch.  And read.  And eat. 

If my observations are more often than not on the positive side, it's because I choose (and pay for) what I watch, read and eat based on an expectation that I'll enjoy myself.  I like to see as much as possible, but I don't get to everything, mainly because time doesn't always allow - but also sometimes because I'm simply not that interested.

And because I feel no sense of moral obligation to improve the character and professionalism of others through the dissemination of my objective, expert and authoritative views, I get to make that choice, and you get to disagree with whatever I say. You just don't get to be nasty about it or to criticise me or others personally.

Dilettante, me.  As it says on the tin.  Read and respond to me in that spirit and we'll get along fine.  Welcome to the conversation, and thanks for reading!


  1. I have been enjoying this blog. You have a good way with words, and I like the positive tone. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Honest, open feedback from any audience member is valid whether good, bad or neutral. I like your work. Keep it coming!

  3. Thanks! Yes - even if your audience is wrong, they're still the people you're trying to sell tickets to, so it's all worh hearing. Welcome to the blog!


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