Sunday, October 14, 2012

Restaurant: Hako (Melbourne)

Nom, nom, nom.

Have I mentioned I love Japanese food? So I was pretty pleased to find this gem across the street from my Flinders Lane hotel, a mere block from the Tuxedo Cat.  It's a spacious room with a dark wood fit-out lifted by a high ceiling and plenty of windows, a long bar with some interesting bottles behind it, and just enough light over each table for a lone diner with a Kindle.

Outstanding service (beware the subtle upsell, but it's so charming you feel grateful), and lovely food. The specialty of the house, a mouthful of blue swimmer crab meat topped with tobiko and a squeeze of lemon and wrapped in a shiso leaf, is so unbelievably good that I ordered a second. It still left me enough room for a single beautiful scallop poached in a perfect savoury custard, but not quite enough to finish a tapas-sized serving of meltingly sticky slow-cooked beef ribs in a sauce of sweet soy, dashi and peppercorns.  Everything is delicious. Highly recommended.

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