Thursday, November 22, 2012

Addressing the Backlog (the method in the madness)

I've had a tough couple of weeks and am hideously behind with these reviews.  I have ELEVEN to write, in fact, aargh.  So here's the plan: I'll get on with the latest review (Private Lives) while it still has some relevance, and finish the ten missing ones behind it as opportunity arises. I'll backdate them so they still show in chronological order of viewing. So if you're looking for something in particular*, it will be worth checking back for it earlier in the thread, if that makes sense.

Still to write:

Bare Witness , by fortyfivedownstairs, at the Street  (DONE!)

Sheila Diva, the Eco-Diva by Kate Hosking at Street Two  (DONE!)

Les Ballets Trockadero at the Canberra Theatre

South Pacific at the Princess, in Melbourne

Jesus Christ Superstar, the broadcast of the new stadium production with Tim Minchin in it

Music, the new Barry Oakley play, Melbourne Theatre Company

Elling, also MTC, with Darren Gilshenan reprising the eponymous lead

Margaret, Queen of the Dessert, TheatreWorks (actually, this can't be a review per se, as I only saw a preview)

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum at Her Majesty's in Melbourne.  Don't wait for me to review it, though, just book your tickets and get yourself there by whatever means possible.

The Idea of North Christmas Concert at the Street.

and next off the blocks, as it's still showing here in Canberra:

Private Lives (Belvoir), at the Playhouse.  (DONE!)

In the interim, for those who claim, albeit with some justice, that there's pretty much nothing I won't watch,  a review by someone else of a show I have absolutely no desire to see  (though I've developed a morbid fascination for reading the remarkably uniform critiques.)

A bientot.

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